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How the Internet using mobile phone

How the Internet using mobile phone

We know now posel is different from the first time usage is different, from the start to make voice calls sms and many other features on the phone nowadays. Mobile phone that will be used in mobile internet should have a modem inside the phone such as Sony Ericsson already has a type K modem internet speed is only 115.02 Kbps ... modem and phone in different backgrounds I have my N73 speed 460.08 Kbps and has a strong signal because of the 3G signal.

How to use internet phone modem
-first make sure you have a phone modem internet.
-Pc Suite and then install the software on the phone that is available on the phone after that product.
-The Pc-suite td you install with no gprs settings you use.
-Plug-after that the USB cable to your phone that has a modem inside.
-last internet-connection will be done.

good luck.

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